AB: Fontanel – Support and Seduction

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Fontanel, Béatrice. Support and Seduction: The History of Corsets and Bras. Translated by Willard Wood. New York: Abradale Press, 2001.

Originally published in French in 1992 as Corsets et soutiens-gorge. This large and beautifully illustrated book does not have an obvious or clearly stated intent, though I would categorize it as popular rather than scholarly. There are claims made in the text which I disagree with, and in general claims lack specific sources. However, there are many high quality illustrations, many of them in full color and some of them paintings and photographs not commonly included in other books. The illustrations are worth perusing, but I would not recommend the text as a reliable source. It is not instructional. The images are primarily in color, though some are monochrome. It contains a Selected Bibliography, primarily of French language sources.

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