AB: Amphlett – Hats

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Amphlett, Hilda. Hats: A History of Fashion in Headwear. Mineola, New Y0rk: Dover Publications, 2003.

Originally published by Richard Sadler Ltd. in Great Britain in 1974. Like many costume history books of its period, this book is broad in scope, tends to overgeneralize, and is illustrated entirely with re-drawings of images from various sources, with limited information available about those sources. Particularly given the inherent flaws of the practice of re-drawing, the book is not very reliable as a source. Likewise, most of the text is not backed up with references or citations, and makes many unsupported generalizations. I would not recommend this book. It is not instructional. The images are monochrome line drawings, re-drawn from other sources. There is a list of image sources, but there is no bibliography.

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