AB: Bassett – Textiles for Regency Clothing

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

*Bassett, Lynne Zacek. Textiles for Regency Clothing 1800-1850: A Workbook of Swatches and Information. Formerly titled Textiles for Clothing of the Early Republic. Arlington, Virginia: Q Graphics Production Company, Product division of Sally Queen & Associates, 2001.

This is an unusual and extremely valuable resource, a book containing 31 three-inch square swatches of actual fabric to illustrate textiles used in the first half of the 19th century. Similar books are available for other time periods, some of which have overlapping content. The text and images of the book are also useful, but the swatches are invaluable, really helping to give a textural, three-dimensional understanding of period textiles. The information accompanying each swatch effectively puts it into context, using quotes and citations. Helpfully, the book includes a list of suppliers, for the fabrics in the book and others like them. Most are in Massachusetts. This book is expensive but highly recommended. It is not instructional but will assist in the selection of materials for projects. It contains monochrome images as well as swatches of actual fabric. It contains a bibliography. I personally own this book, and would highly recommend it.

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