AB: Waugh – Cut of Women’s Clothes

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Waugh, Norah. The Cut of Women’s Clothes 1600-1930. New York: Theatre Arts Books, 1968.

One of the historical costuming classics, this excellent book offers a multitude of scale pattern schematics, along with garment illustrations, though the schematics, unfortunately, are not graphed. The primary scale patterns are taken from extant garments, though there are also supplemental patterns from period magazines included. The organization of the book is somewhat confusing, but it is nevertheless an extremely valuable resource. In general, options for any particular period are rather limited as the book endeavors to cover a broad range of time. There is a significant quantity of supplementary material included to accompany the text and pattern schematics, including a variety of types of period images, though the construction information is somewhat limited. Nevertheless, used in conjunction with other sources, this book is an excellent reference. The book is instructional, with diagrams. It contains monochrome images. It contains a limited bibliography.

Also by Norah Waugh:


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