Intro: 10th Century Sewing

The 10th Century isn’t a time period I generally think a great deal about, it being much farther back than I usually go (with the exception of a brief foray into ancient Roman costume), and so very lacking in information – the sources are very scanty indeed. So it’s not likely that I’ll do a great deal more 10th century sewing anytime soon, but since I worked on 10th century Norse clothes, the 10th century needs to be included!

While I was doing my undergraduate thesis project at Hampshire, a fellow Div III student, Freya, was putting together a museum exhibit of reproduction artifacts of 10th Century Scandinavian domestic life – Vikings at home, in other words. Toward that endeavor, I contributed clothing for Freya to display and then wear, based on archaeological evidence and various hypotheses about what the scraps of evidence might mean and how ancient many-centuries-old Scandinavian clothing would have been worn, looked, and functioned. Only scraps of fabric, beads, and ornaments remain, along with a few vague images of people and references in epic poetry. Researching and experimenting with clothing of a period with so little information presented a new and interesting challenge!

Sadly, this project is still waiting on a proper write up, but eventually I’ll get some pictures from Freya and get back here with my notes and research to detail all of it, on the 10th Century Norsewoman’s Clothes post.

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