AB: Rothstein – Four Hundred Years of Fashion

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

*Rothstein, Natalie, Ed. Four Hundred Years of Fashion. London: Victoria and Albert Museum in association with William Collins, 1984.

This is a very dated publication from the V&A and is not up to their current standards. It offers a fairly limited selection of primarily monochrome, with some color, images of extant garments in the museum’ collection, awkwardly organized and inadequately contextualized. The book is overall quite unmanageable, and the research seems dated as well. It is not particularly useful; while it does contain images of some nice clothing, all those images are available on the V&A website, in color and with better resolution. Many of the better garments are also shown in other V&A books. The book is not instructional. It contains monochrome images as well as some color images. It does not contain a bibliography. I personally own this book, but I would not particularly recommend it; however, an inexpensive secondhand copy could be worth perusal.

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