Collected Resources: Naturalistic Crowd Scenes

I am using this post to collect references for period images of naturalistic crowd scenes from the 19th century and, perhaps occasionally, earlier. I will add images as I run across them.

  • Black, J. Anderson, and Madge Garland. A History of Fashion. New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1980.

Images: A scene from the Great Exhibition of 1851, page 190; Derby Day of 1858 by W. P. Frith, pages 192-193; the 1850s Winterhalter painting of the Empress Eugénie and her ladies, page 195; a painting of London’s Hyde Park by John Ritchie, 1858, page 201; “The Eve of a Public Holiday,” painted by A. H. Hunœus in 1862, a great crowd scene, pages 202-203; the 1866 Monet of women in full, light-colored gowns in a garden, page 205; the 1874 Tissot painting of a crowd aboard a ship on a summer day, page 214.


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