AB: A Lady – Every Lady Her Own Shoemaker

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Lady, A (Anonymous). Every Lady Her Own Shoemaker; Or, A Complete Self-Instructor in the Art of Making Gaiters and Shoes. Davenport, Iowa: Amazon Drygoods, 1989.

This 1856 guide to shoemaking was originally published by De Witt & Davenport and is reprinted as a facsimile. It was intended for women trying to save money by making their own shoes, and contains detailed instructions and several diagrams Some of the information is relevant to earlier times, but likely it would not be very relevant for later periods, since the diagrams are for straight-last shoes. It could probably be very useful in conjunction with other books, but my experience with it is limited, as I am not currently ambitious enough to make an attempt at being a cobbler. Therefore I can’t say how clear or effective the book is, but it does seem promising. It was recommended on the mid 19th century sewing forum The Sewing Academy. It is instructional, in period form, which would likely need some translation or additional context. It contains black line drawing diagrams for several shoe and gaiter designs in fold-out form, but those are the only illustrations. There is no bibliography.

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