AB: Hunnisett – Period Costumes…Outer Garments I

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Hunnisett, Jean. Period Costumes for Stage & Screen: Patterns for Outer Garments, Book I: Cloaks, Capes, Stoles and Wadded Mantles. Studio City, California: Players Press, Inc., 2000.

This book, like its companion texts, is an extremely useful theatrical costuming text with good period shaping, but sized for an “average” modern figure, and with streamlined, simplified, theatrical construction techniques. Despite its looseness with historical accuracy and gaps, it is a very useful resource, especially for filling in the blanks between other resources; it is often recommended by historical costumers, but with reservations. This volume offers loose-fitting types of outerwear garments, whereas the second volume offers more fitted garments as well as some headwear. It is instructional, with diagrams. It contains monochrome images. It contains a bibliography.

Also by Jean Hunnisett:

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