AB: Klapper – Textile Glossary

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Klapper, Marvin. Textile Glossary. New York: Fairchild Publications, Inc., 1973.

While dated by several decades, this little book is a very useful glossary or dictionary of terms relating to the textile industry, including a multitude of trade names and trademarks in use at or before its publication date. It has a multitude of brief entries, roughly half or more of which relate to synthetic fibers, synthetic chemicals, modern processes, trade names, or companies. Nevertheless, many entries are very useful, such as those specifying the elements characterizing different types of lace. Unfortunately, information is often vague, nonspecific as to period, and un-cited. However, the book was generally seems fairly useful and reliable. It is not instructional. It does not have images. There is no bibliography.


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