AB: Mitchell – Ladies’ Clothing of the 1830’s

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

*Mitchell, Sarah E. Ladies’ Clothing of the 1830’s; with Bibliographic Notes. Chatham, Virginia: Mitchells Publications, 2005.

This is an apparently self-published booklet that superficially touches on high fashion extremes of the 1830s. It contains a few charming fashion plate images in monochrome, but primarily it offers an array of period quotes. The period quotes seem to generally represent extreme views, and they are improperly contextualized. The author does not give the impression of being particularly knowledgeable about the time period, and the text is poorly organized. Altogether this is a very unhelpful, and even misleading, book. It contains inaccurate information about corsetry of a type common in under-researched costume books, misusing sources and perpetuating myths. It is not instructional. It contains monochrome images. It contains bibliographic notes, primarily for specific quotes rather than general information. I personally own this book, but I do not recommend it, and in fact would recommend avoiding it.

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