AB: Rexford – Women’s Shoes in America

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Rexford, Nancy E. Women’s Shoes in America, 1795-1930. Kent, Ohio: The Kent State University Press, 2000.

This is a beautiful and lovingly researched book that offers an extraordinarily thorough and remarkably engaging history of footwear. The author is clearly an expert who has done extensive research, and the information contained here is extensive and detailed, including construction information. The research seems well-contextualized and well-organized, illustrated by many images. Because it is so thorough, this book offers a substantial quantity of useful information and images for periods throughout its era of coverage. It is not instructional but does offer some diagrams and construction information. It contains mostly monochrome images but has a substantial section of color plates as well. It contains a glossary, extensive notes, image credits, and an “Index of Illustrated and Cited Shoes: Alphabetically by Museum,” though there is no bibliography.

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