AB: Staniland – In Royal Fashion

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Staniland, Kay. In Royal Fashion: The Clothes of Princess Charlotte of Wales & Queen Victoria 1796-1901. London: Museum of London, 1997.

Published by the Museum of London, this beautiful book contains excellent royal history along with wonderful clothes. It explores the wardrobes of Queen Victoria, her mother Princess Charlotte, and their contemporaries, exploring the ways in which royal fashion and royal lives (and deaths) affected other people. The text uses a mixture of extant garments and items (some known to have belonged to royal persons), portraiture, photographs, and period drawings and engravings (including satirical cartoons), with many full-page, full-color plates. Organized chronologically, it examines changing fashions and moods, linking the two very effectively. Altogether a beautiful, well-researched, and highly readable book that offers a tantalizing peek into the garments and material life of Queen Victoria and Princess Charlotte, as well as their families, to a lesser degree, effectively covering the period stated in the title, 1796-1901. The book is not instructional. It has many full-color images. It contains a Select Bibliography, Endnotes, and three appendices reproducing primary documents.


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