AB: Whitaker-Augusta Auction Company – Tasha Tudor…Collection

(This is an entry in the Annotated Bibliography.)

Whitaker-Augusta Auction Company. Tasha Tudor Historic Costume Collection. Philadelphia: Whitaker-Augusta Auction Company, 2007.

This book is the auction catalog produced by a major antique auction house for the sale of a large portion of the collection of children’s book author Tasha Tudor, who focused on collecting early 19th century American clothing, especially simple, everyday garments. The full-color photographs are not always very large, but they are an excellent selection of harder to find articles of clothing, such as simple cotton print dresses and home-made garments. The book is especially useful for in the study of the 1830s, since it has quite a few garments from that period, which is often difficult to find information on. It was recommended on the mid 19th century sewing forum The Sewing Academy. As it is quite inexpensive, I would recommend it to those studying middle or working class clothing of the early 19th century. It is not instructional, but some construction detail is shown in images or noted. Images are full-color, but not every auction item has an image, and some are unhelpfully small. It does not have a bibliography, but it does contain a glossary of sorts pertaining to provenance and garment condition, as well as a measurement key.

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