Copyright Issues

Copyright is a complicated topic for historical sewists and costumers, and one which is currently being widely discussed by historical costumers and by museums. I intend to write more about the subject in the future, but for the moment I will simply offer a list of links to articles on the subject which I have found helpful.

I will also take this opportunity to mention that concerns about copyright are the reason why my blog/site is not as full of pretty pictures as most historical costuming or reproduction sewing blogs/sites are. I would love to be able to include images of extant garments in museum collections and other types of images, but I hesitate to do so – even with full, respectful citations and source links, like many costumers do – because I am endeavoring to actually work in the museum field, and I would hate to start off by offending anyone. So there will be pictures of my own work, but for the time being, very few reference images. I do try to include as many links as possible though! I also collect a great many images on Pinterest, which I organized into a multitude of period-specific boards (in addition to various other non-costume-related boards).

There have been a number of excellent articles floating around the costume blogosphere on the subject of copyright and costume blogging. In (mostly) chronological order, here are a few I’ve found very helpful and informative:

For specifics on copyright for my work, please see Copyright and Licensing for this Site.

Updated March 24, 2012.

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