Future Sewing Plans

This is a placeholder page for information on, well, future sewing (or knitting, etc.) plans, beyond the Division III clothing thesis project. This will include items I had hoped to include with my Div III but which had to be cut as well as other plans. This will be a regularly updated page which keeps a running list of planned projects, with links if applicable. The page will also link to a “Future Sewing Plans” tag, which will call up posts on this topic, in standard reverse chronological order, so changes to plans can be tracked, and general ramblings can be found.

This will include my determination to design a corset for modern, day-to-day wear, intended to be used instead of a bra in order to offer comfortable support without hanging the weight of the bust from the shoulders. In the interests of attempting to make something truly comfortable and wearable, I plan on taking inspiration from 20th century girdles as well as older style corsets and newer style bras, and using some elastic materials. I will attempt to combine cotton sateen with stretch sateen (cotton with a small spandex content) to create a dynamic garment. But that is a challenge for another day…


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