But…What Is a Link Bouquet?!

A link bouquet is my cutesy name for a post which consists primarily of a set of external links on a particular topic, usually tutorials and other informative/educational articles. I have a frighteningly extensive collection of Google bookmarks, so I thought I would make myself useful and share selections of the exciting things I have found on the internet, helpfully grouped together along themes. For instance “things you can do with thrifted sweaters” or “making a duct tape double or other home-made dress form” or “vintage hair and makeup tutorials.”

Every link bouquet post will be tagged “link bouquet” and will also be tagged with the type of garment (or non-garment) it is relevant to, time period(s), fiber/fabric if relevant, and any other techniques or themes that it strikes my fancy to include. I’m a big believer in cross-referencing!

And…you know…it’s a bundle of links to pretty things…that’s kind of like a bouquet of flowers, right? …Right?


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