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1860s plain petticoat of white cotton with a very deep hem


1860s tucked petticoat of white cotton


Collected Resources: Underclothing Cartoons

Over the course of my Div III research — and especially while preparing the lecture on corset history that I gave in the Hampshire course Sex, Science, and the Victorian Body — I have found a variety of cartoons, from various periods, that mock (and exaggerate!) prevailing fashions of underclothing. Since I’ve found them in so many places, and since such images might be of interest to others, I’m collecting what I’ve found here, and will continue to add to this post as time goes on.

  • Black, J. Anderson, and Madge Garland. A History of Fashion. New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1980.

Images: 1819 cartoon of dandies and “dandizettes” in the early stages of dressing, complete with very exaggerated hair and male corsets, page 176; a mid-19th century cartoon depicting a group of women surrounding a man trapped in a cage crinoline, with the caption “The punishment awarded by the ladies, to the artist who made those impertinent drawings about crinoline!” page 199.

Image: “A Bustling Woman — 1829 — after Cruikshank” of a woman with an extremely puffed out skirt apparently selling a padded bustle to a woman with a far less impressive skirt, with other bustle hanging behind the proprietress, page 134; “From ‘Cupid and Crinolines,’ 1858,” a cartoon of a maid lifting an absolutely enormous crinoline over the head of a woman who is quite dwarfed by the exaggerated garment, page 166.

Image: “The new machine for Winding up the Ladies Caricature of tightlacing by ‘Paul Pry’ c. 1828″ on page 69.

1830s bodiced petticoat of white cotton


1830s tucked petticoat of white cotton

Unlike many of the overly ambitious plans around here, this project did actually make it to completion! But I haven’t written up my notes or taken pictures, so there’s no evidence of it. Eep! Soon…

Until then, this basically blank post shall continue to be sad.

1830s corded petticoat of white Kona cotton

This garment is in progress – I don’t know when I;ll pick it up again, but in my sewing room, there is in fact a partially corded partial petticoat, awaiting my return to the 1830s…so to speak. Eventually I’ll post my research, and someday the actual finished petticoat….let’s hope.

Until then, I must, alas, leave you with this sad empty post.

1830s quilted petticoat of striped floral cotton calico

Alas, this is nothing but a placeholder page, waiting for me to take proper pictures, compile my notes and links into something useful, and turn it all into a helpful post.  In the meantime, you can take a look at my 19th Century Quilted Petticoats board on Pinterest, and you can catch a glimpse of my reproduction petticoat in the pictures of my red wool cloak.