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1870s inspired corset of lavender cotton sateen with black flossing


1830s tucked petticoat of white cotton

Unlike many of the overly ambitious plans around here, this project did actually make it to completion! But I haven’t written up my notes or taken pictures, so there’s no evidence of it. Eep! Soon…

Until then, this basically blank post shall continue to be sad.

1830s corded petticoat of white Kona cotton

This garment is in progress – I don’t know when I;ll pick it up again, but in my sewing room, there is in fact a partially corded partial petticoat, awaiting my return to the 1830s…so to speak. Eventually I’ll post my research, and someday the actual finished petticoat….let’s hope.

Until then, I must, alas, leave you with this sad empty post.

1830s stays of white cotton sateen with white embroidery

These stays actually made it all the way through second mock-up and massive quantities of research and planning before I ran out of time during my Div III, and sadly, I haven’t gotten back to them yet. But soon, I’ll post my research.

In the meantime, here’s a link to my Pinterest board for 1830s Stays.

1830s white cotton drawers with wide tucks


Norse tubular smokkr of fulled dark blue wool


Norse gored tunic of unbleached linen